Hug me tight,
break my bones,
I dont really care at all.

Just leave a bruise
or bite a mark
to let them know
I’m yours.

"If one day you look back and find that you’re missing me…"


Close your eyes
Imagine the brush of my hair
On your chest
As the syllables of your thoughts
Resonate through my heart

On the day that
you left me,
you made me choose between
you or a good memory

I cannot remember
what I choose

One-Sided Love

Everytime I get these butterflies,
It’s no surprise since it never lies.
With it, my heart skips a beat.
Because I saw your face that lit.

You made feel pretty and thin.
But I can never make your head spin.
Nor make your heart jump with pace,
Because you love another face.

I got a broken heart because I tried.
I was never good enough so I cried.
You will never give my feelings back.
Love for me, you will always lack.

I will never forget you because I love you.
But you will never say, “I love you, too.”
Wasted all those years for you to notice,
But my walls you just demolished.

Thank you for teaching me how to love
A lesson that made me secure and above
For breaking my heart every year,
This one-sided love will never be clear.

- E.B Montierro

Hands fiddling,
body shifting,
cheeks in fire
and hearts a mess.

I wonder if I’d always be
this foolish and
stupidly looking
with you around.

I wonder how it
would be like
being one of them.

Such petite build,
naturally rosy and
puffy cheeks,
confident, beautiful and
living in the moment.

I wish to be that carefree.
Though I can’t.
I can never be.

Once caged to
society’s ideas
and standards
I have nowhere else to go
but to my demesne of
sorrow and flaws.

And so I guess
I just have to hope
for the very best
that opposites do attract.

i was feeling butterflies on my stomach until i noticed that your affections was never intended to point at my direction

you told me i was beautiful

and for a moment

i felt so special

even though i knew that

you have told that to others

a whole lot of times.

i am hoping that

my love for you

will wither away

as easily

like the roses

you gave me that day

when you wished for us

to depart